Inimitable drive to Kenya for experiencing the rolling landscape of acacia woodlands with Lake Nakuru

For an extraordinary trip with your friends and family, visiting Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru is always the superlative choice as a tour option. We guarantee that your Kenya travel packages will have an implausible and stirring experience at the end. However, it is vital for you to know that what all are exotic places you are making to experience in these 4 days of package. Here is a plan which will be helpful to get some idea about this well-packaged ride. Let’s have a look at the exciting plan with Kenya travel package below.

Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru

Day 1 – Nairobi Masai Mara

On day 1, you will be likely to pick from attained place to Narok town which is said to be the land of Maasai tribe. While visiting Maasai warrior, the inquisitiveness will surely burst out knowing more about red cloaks, spears and plaited hair. Throughout this trip, there will be a bewildering experience over rolling landscape of acacia woodlands and gentle hills that satisfy a lot. On this day 1 trip, you can expect a lunch and dinner along with the super cool game drive.

Day 2 – Masai Mara

After a sturdy and tremendous day 1, Kenya tour package comprises a ride of hot air balloon on day 2. For stunning sky-high adventure, this could always be your better preference. This ride will be done with the help of proficient crews depends on the weather. The great factor about this ride that you will take to the high of 50 to 500 feet which will assuredly be going to offer you the thrilling experience. Once the unbelievable sky high journey ends, you will be treated with sizzling bacon, sausage, Kenyan coffee and home-made breads. However, through this trip, sunglasses, light jacket, comfortable clothes or sweater are highly recommended to carry. After the ride and breakfast is done, you will take to a National park where you can sight a roaming of leopard, lion and cheetah on vast grasslands. If you booked this tour package with lot more visitors, then there will be also a special offer available.

Day 3 – Maasai Mara (Lake Nakuru) 

The agenda allotted for day 3 will be Lake Nakuru after the breakfast is over earlier. Once visited Lake Nakuru, you will be obligating to game drive with endangering species, flamingos and millions of birds in the park. It is the day 3 schedule of Kenya travel package that ends up with a comfortable zone.

Day 4 – Nakuru Nairobi

After the three days of beautiful experience, finally the 4th day scheduled for Nakuru Nairobi which will literally go to a worthy trip as a finishing touch. Once the day ends on high notes, you will be handpicked and take to the airport.

With worthy accommodation and well packaged Kenya trip will always convey you the unsurpassed amount of experience with your friends and family. From nourishment to transportation, the Voyage of diverse places will bid a lot of memories to keep it in mind forever.

The end of 4 Days Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru

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