5 days tour to the world’s most adventure and beautiful wildlife destinations in Kenya safari packages

This is one of the excellent safari tour plan to visit the amazing and adventures places in Kenya. It is good to aware of the things before booking for the Kenya safari packages prices for your 5-day journey.

You will experience the wonderful views of the Kenya beaches, wildlife and various other factors during the 5-day travel. Pick the right safari packages from the well-experienced travel package among the Kenya safari like Leken Adventure.

Tsavo East, Tsavo West and Amboseli

Kenya is well known for its adventures spots and national parks make the travelers to visit again and again. So try as much as possible to visit all the locations Tsavo East, Tsavo West and Amboseli.

Day 1: visit to Tsavo east

Kenya safari starts from the time of departure on Nairobi. You need to travel straightaway to the Tsavo East. Tsavo East is filled with the beautiful and exciting to witness the complete view more than 100 kilometers of Tsavo east with all destinations.

Never miss visiting the Tsavo East national park where you get the opportunity to view the red elephants, lions, cheetahs, zebras, buffalo, giraffe and few other species.

Day 2: visit to Tsavo east-Amboseli

Get start your second day from your hotel to the Amboseli national park. You can have the best view and opportunity to the Mount Kilimanjaro. You can take photos of a different location from Amboseli.

Amboseli park is also known for its birds; you able to see birdlife to extend. Once finished with your visit return to your hotel or camp. Kenya safari packages prices are also well-known for best accommodation and also for the safe journey.

Day 3: visit to Tsavo west

Take a safe drive to the Tsavo west on the third day of Kenya safari packages prices. You will get to experience the game drive and other exciting facilities from the Tsavo west.

Tsavo west national park is one of the famous spots to visit during your safari tours which has the rhino sanctuary. Spend more time and view the amazing and luxurious locations of Tsavo West.

Day 4: visit to Taita hills saltlick

Taita hill saltlick is the best location to view the elephants, lions, buffalos, giraffes and many more living species. Taita hills saltlick is located at Tsavo west with unbelievable game drive experiences. You will enjoy the quality of food and other factors during the 5 day Kenya safari packages prices.

Day 5: visit to Taita hills saltlick-Mombasa

Depart from your hotel on the 5th day morning from the Taita hills saltlick to the beach resort of Mombasa. It seems the best holiday spot for the people who travel through Kenya safari packages prices.  Then take drive to the as earlier as possible to reach your destination.

The end of 5 Days Tsavo East, Tsavo West and Amboseli

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