A fanciful excursion to the scenic Masai Mara with the beauty of Amboseli Park and Lake Nakuru

Definitely, you have come across of Masai Mara which is familiar for the people who travel to Kenya. It’s known for the Leopard, Buffalo, Lion, Rhino, Elephant and other giant wildebeests. A trip to Masai marai a fascinating one which led you to feel the wildlife nature. So select the Kenya luxury safari packages to utilize your holiday’s timings a memorable one.

6 Days Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Amboseli

Day 1: Landing At Nairobi

Adore the drive of midst to the stunning and gorgeousness of the Great Rift Valley. You would have the blissful locations for picture-perfect moments. After lunch, you will reach the fine-looking lands of Nairobi place which connect you to the Masai Mara Reserve to get a first-class outlook of wildlife.

Day 2: Masai Mara Game Reserve

Spend a whole day to discover the paramount that the Masai Mara Game Reserve ready to offer you. Witness the supremacy of the giant animals from the game reserve. Relish your eventual time to experience the interaction of wildlife out there.

Day 3: Lake Nakuru National Park

Thrilled to perceive all the Rhinos, giraffes and much other fauna from the park? You will be assured of doing that from the time of landing on the Lake Nakuru National Park which is one of the leading acmes of the Great Rift Valley from Kenya. Relax in the picturesque sight of Lake Nakuru to take the special clicks. You will get to see plenty of Flamingo which is the famous place to see the bird species collections of over 400.

Day 4: Discovering Lake Nakuru

The nature and wildlife of the place make you to admire more than ever. The Kenya luxury safari packages confirm that to see more places with unlimited time bound. Try to spend the early morning times to witness beautiful and peaceful lake view. You will depart during the mid-day for the Amboseli National Park for the next day adventures.

Day 5: Exploring Amboseli National Park

You will have to start your trip as early as possible to trigger the beauty and wonderful views of the Mount Kilimanjaro and then move to the other places around the park to experience the complete views. It’s good to move for the famous game reserve after the Mount Kilimanjaro views. The Amboseli National Park is the place which you must visit and spend some time to feel the nature and wildlife events. You can see the giant species of Africa such as Baboons, Giraffes and Wildebeest from the park. Masai village is also one of the best places to visit during the 6 day Kenya luxury safari packages.

Day 6: Depart To Nairobi

Start the day from your hotel in the early morning along with your belongings and drive back to the centre of the Nairobi city to land on the airport on time to board your flight. You need to travel a lot to reach Nairobi from the Masai Mara.

The end of 6 Days Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Amboseli

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