Exhilarating occasion to rift valleys of Masai Mara endows amusing experience with overnight camp

Forecasting about Kenya safari holiday packages with closed ones at low package is unfeasible in short time. But still, here is an upright opportunity to visit and well spend with 4 days of camping in Kenya at expected budget. Thus the four days of Kenya safari holiday packages from us endow with lot of camping schedule in Masai Mara departs from Nairobi. During this astonishing journey, you will get a chance of drifting all the way through rift valleys which have its beautiful views. When it comes to this astounding tour plan, a lot more things going to reveal in four days tour package at inexpensive price. Here we are listing the days with a plan from day 1 to day 4. Have a look!

Affordable 4 Day Masai Mara Safari

Nairobi to Masai Mara (Day 1):

Once left from Nairobi, you will have a jaunt through rift valley and attains for lunch at overnight camp. The camp will have the best preparation of accommodation that includes all the stuff you really need. This safari encampment will make you a chance of visiting Masai Mara Game Park that canes to a lot of home-grown trees.

After a long drawn morning camp, the choruses of animals at night willyou cluelesswith the thrilling and memorable experience to remember for a long time.

Masai Mara Game reserve (Day 2 & 3):

Experiencing Wildlife Park in Kenya is to understanding the nature of animals what we have been watching on only television will be a lifetime one. So, the next two days will be spent on riding through Wildlife Park. The game drives offering from morning to afternoon will be in searching for other surfeit of wildlife. Also, the sunset with orange drop background and landscapes will bring the beauty of nature.

Masai Mara game reserve is having a lot of space that includes amazing wildlife, pass through of Talek River and not more stuff which isn’t enough to explain.

Day three starts with amazing breakfast then you will get a chance of a trip to view numerous stuff related to wildlife. Some of the exhilarating nature that you can view in vast space of wildlife like elephants, wildebeest, zebras, hippos and lot more animals. Even, you will get a chance of viewing lion while stocking its meal. Apart from these exciting experiences, hot air balloon is said to be unique.

Nevertheless, the trip of hot air balloon will be arranged at extra amount of cost. But the ride of a balloon will lead you to view the huge space of Savannah plains at the top.

Masai Mara to Nairobi (Day 4):

After the wonderful three days of an incredible journey through wildlife, it is a time to get back from safari camp. Thus the arrival will happen at afternoon and the budget trip of Masai Mara will come to expiration as a most striking experience.

The end of Affordable 4 Day Masai Mara Safari

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