Kilimanjaro peak is one of the well-known and highest peak situated in Tanzania where thousands of people around the world successfully summit the peak every year.  People always show more interest to summit the peak once in a lifetime to feel the thrilling environment out there.  So Kilimanjaro tours seem most popular packages among the travel operators in African countries. Mount Kilimanjaro climb isn’t an easy task to achieve without proper practice and guidance. Therefore, get an excellent safari operator who has years of experience in Kilimanjaro trekking routes and high success rate in climbing to start the journey. Always, prefer to take an experienced guide along with you to avoid the misfortunes as well to know more information’s about trekking routes and natural environments.

Mount Kilimanjaro climb

Normally it will take 6-8 days to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro through the trekking routes. So one must adapt to the hill conditions to avoid the illness middle of the trekking camp. Take necessary belongings along with medical equipment’s and trekking bag with you with less weight. Mostly Mount Kilimanjaro success rate depends on the traveler’s positive mindset to reach it without any issues. During the Kilimanjaro tours, you can view amazing sceneries with endless of sightseeing’s which is enough to register picture-perfect moments.

Mount Kilimanjaro trekking routes

There are 6 different Mount Kilimanjaro trekking routes available which start from various locations. Out of 6 routes people often use three routes frequently. They are the lemosho route, Machame route and Rongai route.

Lemosho route

This is the best possible Kilimanjaro route for trekking experience which has most fascinating sceneries to influence the trekkers all the way. Kilimanjaro tour guides mostly prefer lemosho route than the other available Kilimanjaro climbing routes. Summiting the peak through the lemosho route always exciting and offers an outstanding experience for the trip makers.

Rongai route

People who select the Rongai route to start the Mount Kilimanjaro climb has the spectacular Tanzania wildlife adventures.  Also Rongai route the only possible way which located north side from Tanzania. Trekkers can also easily climb the top through Rongai route without much effort than the other routes.

Machame route

Machame is the most crowded and beautiful Kilimanjaro trekking path than the other available routes. People who have more concern about budgeted Kilimanjaro tours can stick with this route. Machame route contains with some of the exciting and most fascinating spots to view during the Mount Kilimanjaro trip.

Other than the above mentioned Kilimanjaro routes, Marangu route, Shira route and umbwe route are also considerably select6ed by the travelers very often. So it’s obvious to select the right path to climb Kilimanjaro peak within affordable cost to explore the highest peak of the African landscape.

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