Kilimanjaro Climbing

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Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant, but not an extinct volcano. Worrying thunder can sometimes be heard and gases emerge from the fumaroles in the crater, although just three degrees south of the Equator, the peaks of both Kibo and Mawenzi have permanent caps of snow and ice.

During their time on the mountain, climbers will pass from a tropical to an arctic environment in just a few days. The various trails first pass through lush rainforests before reaching heather and open moorland where giant lobelia and huge, cactus-like groundsel grow. Above this moorland is the almost lunar landscape of an alpine desert which stretches between the two peaks of Kibo, the flat-topped dome at the center, and Mawenzi, a group of jagged points and pinnacles on the eastern side.

Inhospitable as this moonscape may seem, animals such as herds of eland thrive there. The highest point is on Kibo, and indeed the whole of Mount Kilimanjaro, is Uhuru peak, with its spectacular hanging glaciers and stupendous views of the African plains some 20,000 feet below. Also on Kibo, the slightly lower peak is the Gillman’s point. These are the goals for most trekkers. The peaks of Mawenzi are for mountaineers only.

The Mt Kilimanjaro is attempted using its six popular routes of which one is commonly used for descending only the Mweka route another routes include the Marangu (which is both used for climbing and descending after climbing using other routes such as Machame Route, Rongai Route , Lemosho Route, Umbwe Route and Shira Route.

The Marangu Route / Coca Cola route is the only route with huts as accommodations leaving others to accommodate hikers using the mobile tents. Each route in Kilimanjaro has its different challenge and view and landscape but the bottom line is to reach to the rooftop of Africa which is Uhuru peak.

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