There are 6 different routes are available to climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Each of them has its unique sceneries, budget, distance which makes the travelers explore the glory of Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s the primary task for every visitors to select the best route before starting to climb Kilimanjaro. This seems to be a challenging factor for every traveler to choose the best Kilimanjaro route for trekking. The success rate of each and every Kilimanjaro route vary with each other.

Here are few real factors of Kilimanjaro routes

Mount Kilimanjaro climb

Marangu route

People who select Marangu route is one of the oldest routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. You can check with the Kilimanjaro routes packages from different safari companies who offer the best services at an affordable cost for the passengers. You can reach the top of Kilimanjaro within 5 days of time. This route also considered being the easiest way of reaching the Kilimanjaro top.

Shira route

This is another route to climb Kilimanjaro which starts from the west side. Shira route is challenging one for the people who have a problem with the altitude. But it’s similar to the lemosho route in height and distance. Shira route is a bit higher in the budget than the other Kilimanjaro routes.

Machame route

Machame is a famous route among the Kilimanjaro trekkers which is used by thousands of people every year to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. This route is considered to be a risky one to climb but it has the highest success rate than the other Kilimanjaro routes. It takes 6-7 days to reach the final destination following the Machame route.

Rongai route

Rongai route is slightly cost higher than the other routes which take 6 days to complete the journey. This route also has the highest success rate like every other Kilimanjaro routes. Anyone who want to views adventures sceneries throughout the Kilimanjaro trip through the Tanzania camping safari recommended with the Rongai route.

Umbwe Route

Umbwe route known as steep, direct and rough compared with other routes. This route is highly recommended only for the people who have experience in climbing mountains. Every day number get tougher and tougher for the climbers to reach the top which is completely a hard task any travelers who don’t have trekking experience.

Lemosho route

Lemosho route is known to be the best and safest route ever to reach the destination in 8 days of time. Climbing rate through this route is also higher like other Kilimanjaro routes. This route is considerably fewer issues like adapting the low oxygen level while traveling and so on. Availability of Emergency evacuation, flying doctors squads are added advantage to consider this route for climb Kilimanjaro safely. You can carry your luggage and belongings easily throughout the trip because it has safe ups and downs.

As a traveler, one must consider experts advice from Tanzania camping safari operators to get the best idea and view to climb the mountain safely. Getting success in Kilimanjaro trekking is all about preparations and adapting to the conditions on a given day.