Zanzibar Tour Packages

Zanzibar Tour Packages, enjoy some time outdoors along the coast; set aside a day or two to explore several of the most idyllic beaches and lookout points in Zanzibar. Nungwi Beach and Paje Beach are two of the more popular spots for sunbathing in this coastal location.Zanzibar Tour Packages

Zanzibar Tour Packages

In the vicinity of Zanzibar, there are many scenic protected preserves that are well worth hiking through. Among the more significant of these in the area are Prison Island and Chumbe Island. Jozani Forest Reserve and Chapwani Island is just a couple of the other beautiful spots in the area.

This destination has carefully preserved many of its old, important buildings including Slave Market and Livingstone’s House. For some more history lessons, it’s also valuable to tour the other monuments and heritage buildings in the vicinity of Zanzibar.

The old defense buildings in this area are well worth exploring for those interested in military history. The Old Fort played an important role in keeping out enemy invaders throughout the years, but today is a peaceful and welcoming attraction for travelers from all over the world.

Forodhani Gardens is one of the most frequently visited green havens around Zanzibar. Follow the paths through botanical displays, read a book, or just relax in the shade. This park is the perfect match for all moods and seasons.

The Anglican Cathedral is a long-standing place of worship that is well worth checking out. Visit this heritage building to explore its cultural significance and then take your time to study its design.

A trip through the beautiful aquatic displays of the Mnarani Natural Aquarium is the perfect way to get acquainted with the incredible creatures of the deep. Explore the aquarium’s various zones discovering new species along the way; but remember to take your time, the slower you go the more species you’ll discover.