Tanzania Safaris and the Swahili People For at least a hundred decades, Swahili people, who call themselves “Waswahili”, have occupied a narrow strip of coastal land extending from the north coast of Kenya to the south of Tanzania. They also occupy several nearby Indian Ocean islands, including Zanzibar, Lamu, Comoros, and Pate plus countries like Uganda and Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, and Malawi. They speak Swahili as their native language which
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Worrying about travelling to Tanzania for safaris during this Covid 19 pandemic? Many people wish to travel to Tanzania this time. But travelling now in the times of this Covid-19 Pandemic can be very tricky to most travellers not only to Tanzania but to other African destinations too. Leken Adventure has come up with overall information as an update for travellers who wish to Travel to Tanzania as a solo, Family safari or Group but troubled
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Tanzania is renowned for its amazing beauty. It has so much to offer between the amazing countryside of Ngorongoro National Parks and the amazing wildlife in places like the Serengeti. The right Tanzania tour operators for the safari is one of the most critical choices any traveler has to make. The right operator can make you remember while you may experience a catastrophe with a wrong operator. Tips to Choose Best Tanzania Tour Operator It
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Camping safaris and Mountain trekking are always offered you the best ever experience for this vacation. We all know that whenever planning for trekking, and then Mountain Kilimanjaro is the first thing comes to our mind to visit. Apart from Climbing the Mountain, you can start to explore a lot of routes that offer the best scenic views. In case, if you are looking for the best climbing experience at an affordable price, then Mount